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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.     “What if your credit repair process doesn’t work?”

A.     Simple answer, we only with with consumers that we believe whole-heartedly we can honestly help improve their credit reports and scores.  You will be satified with our service or your money back, guaranteed.  We strongly recommend that you stick with the program a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months (depending on your situation) as this time frame gives us a true chance to exhaust our strategies to improve your situation. 


Q.     “How long does this take?”

A.     This is the most frequent question we get.  The true answer lies in each individual situation and how much needs to be done and possibly more importantly, your goals.  We look at you as an individual with very specific goals and we go about your credit repair by attempting to reach these goals as quickly as possible.  We DO however have clients that have seen improvements of 60+ points within 35 days; results WILL vary.


Q.     “I’ve looked at my credit report, I know there are negative items on there…and they’re mine; is credit repair still for me?”

A.     We talk to people all the time that say this.  The answer is a resounding yes.  You have very specific rights to what can or cannot be placed on your credit report.  Unfortunate truth is that a lot of companies (creditors, collectors, etc) use your credit report as a method to force you to pay.  Getting these items deleted isn’t accomplished by arguing or lying; the key is that these items must be 100% accurate, 100% Verifiable, and 100% Timely.  Negative information cannot be reported to your credit report unless the reporting furnisher (creditor/collector) can VERIFY that the account is 100% accurate and they have contractual rights to collect upon it.  Too often companies place information on your report without the ability to verify the account.  When faced with a dispute, they cannot prove these items and it is deleted.  This doesn’t mean the debt isn’t yours, it simply means the collector has no right to report it to your credit report.



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