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If you have NO credit history or are attempting to rebuild credit; the following is a step by step process on HOW TO BUILD CREDIT!

1. Get a Secured Credit Card (you can receive up to 2 from our preferred partner, CLICK HERE)

ALMOST EVERYONE can receive a secured credit card as there are VERY few restrictions and based upon a deposit rather than a credit check.  However, it’s important to note, even though there is no credit requirements, they DO report to your credit report and help you build your credit history.

A secured card is just like a normal credit card except in the fact that are required to put down a 100% refundable deposit (typically at least $300). Once your deposit is made, your card looks and acts just like a regular credit card.  When you use your card, the amounts are not deducted from your deposit.  The deposit is simply held as the security on the account rather than a credit report.  You must pay and use your secured credit card EXACTLY like you would any other card.

The purpose of this account is to build your scores so that you can be approved for a regular card in the future (and cancel the secured card/receive your deposit back in full).

2. Be careful using your credit card.

Do not charge more than you can afford to pay back each MONTH.  Ideally, you want to pay the balance down to practically nothing (not $0) every month.  To know the secret to using your credit cards to PERFECTION in boosting your credit scores, CLICK HERE.

3. Pay on time.

On time payments are the single most important thing you can do to raise your credit scores.  Be patient, it takes time to have a good credit history.  You’ll usually see the results of your on time payments impacting your scores positively after 6 months.

 4. Apply for new debt ONLY when necessary.

Don’t apply for every 15% off special you see while shopping.  Don’t think getting a credit card from every store you visit is a good thing.  Good credit isn’t about having a ton of little cards; it’s ALL about what you do with what you have.

5. Check your progress by checking your credit report and score. is the ONLY FREE credit report site that is maintained because of the government requirement on the credit bureaus.  However, there are many very reasonable credit monitoring sites out there such as ($19.99/month – all three bureaus + scores).

6. After 12 months, apply for an unsecured credit card.

The 12 month recommendation remember is for the customer that currently has NO credit report/zero scores.  If you already have “ok” credit and can be approved for a regular credit card, do it.  However, for those that are just starting out establishing a credit report, odds are that you will need to have a 12 month history with the secured card prior to approval for a “regular” credit card.



Never forget, having good credit is a process that YOU build over time.  The longer you have a good history, utilization, etc. they better your scores become.

If you ever get into trouble with your credit report (collections, late payments, charge offs, repossessions, etc); also consult a professional before trying to muddle through repairing your good name on your own!








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